Financial Affairs Department

    The department  consists of exchange division, records division, the investment plan division, financial planning division, the fund Secretariat division, equipment  division  Salaries division’ mail division, in addition to the higher education fund accounts, the accounts of evening studies  and students’ aids fund accounts.                                                   

The most important work by the finance department is preparing the allocation of the university’s budget and following-up  that each year, obtaining the private central funding university monthly in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, financing  the colleges’ budgets each month, supervising the  accounting records and preparing balances & monthly statements then  sent them to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Higher Education.

The financial department is providing financial advice to the presidency of the university and presenting  proposals that serve the development of the section’s work the department also preparing the final accounts and sent it to the Board of Supreme Audit and the Finance Ministry on schedule, paying  the payments of university contributions to the international organizations and foreign federations, organizing exchange documents and instruments and save files of expenses, organizing  payroll of staff landlords and implementation of bonuses and promotions and increases in salaries, organizing  the payroll for the staff of the university , temporary 

staff and issued their official orders,                                                    

The  department  is also concerned  with answering both the BSA and Office of the Inspector General reports, organizing  monthly advance payment ,deposit ,expenses  and  income tables on current and investment budget for the presidency of the university as well as unifying  (advance payment ,deposit ,expenses  and  income)  for all  formations of the university and sent them  monthly to the Finance and Higher Education ministries and scientific research, at last preparing the  transferring for transferred staff and newly employees   to and  from the university then following -up  these  changes  with the Ministry of Finance.

Equipment Division provides the administrative and scientific departments of the university   presidency  with the necessary accessories for computers and equipment ,electrical equipment and papers supplies and all furniture needs, follow-up and match receipts with store’s bonds issued by section, ordering  purchase of  stores materials as a credit stores bought from local markets and preparing  them for  the university departments , archiving books and all bills electronically Note that the division was recently attached to the financial department.


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