whose tasks varies between E-Learning and Conducting Training Courses as well as issuing International Magazines and organizing conferences and seminars.

Center of Continuing Education

  Continuing Education Center  is an educational and training institution, sets  its priorities for raising scientific and performance level of university employees to serve  and develop the scientific community through holding training courses, it represents the natural extension of educational process in universities, which  represents together an integrated system through which employees are trained to improve their performance and raise efficiency.

Center of Islamic Studies

Its goal is to conduct focused and intensive research and it works to provide solutions and proposals to the problems studied in general

Center of Internet & Computer

  A comprehensive preparation of all resources to achieve self-sufficiency in establishing and managing modern information systems and undertaking basic tasks to support all departments, divisions and units at the university with experience in computers field in terms of installation, maintenance and training of all university employees in addition to practical training in computer curricula for first and second stages students . The center contains many  laboratories equipped with the latest electronic computers and installed with the latest systems and applications.