University Goals , Message and Vision

Al-Iraqia University was established in 1989 as one of   the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research establishments ,  specialized in teaching medicine, dentistry, engineering, law, economics, literature, education, media, and Islamic sciences, as well as for various other sciences.



We aspire  to be a distinguished scientific edifice,for Arab and international level, as a forefront of the internationally ranked universities.



Al-Iraqia University is one of universities that concerns of teaching scientific, human and legal sciences to satisfy the needs of society and provide it with specialists in all fields, and takes care to redouble efforts to collect knowledge and benefit from its abundance in building scientific, cultural and ethical thought, seeks a permanent continuous presence in the field of social activities and the development of internal and administrative systems, including meeting the quality standards and qualifies university, colleges or scientific departments to obtain academic and institutional accreditation.



1. Providing the community with specialized competencies in the fields (scientific, humanitarian and legal).
2. Developing capabilities of faculty members by participating in conferences, seminars, and specialized training courses.

3. Developing scientific and knowledge relations with all Arab and international universities.

4. Creating and opening scientific, human ,practical colleges and departments to serve the community.

5. Keeping pace with progress of scientific research that deals with contemporary challenges to raise level of Education.


About The University 

      Al-Iraqia University is one of Iraqi universities that has embraced by Baghdad ,the capital, to be a luminous platform for students from all over the world to study in all its college departments.

The university is distinguished by acceptance students from all over the world, which reflected the size of its international  studying students (more than 45 Arab and Islamic countries)since its establishment until now in order to study pure sciences and to be a point of intellectual radiation in their countries, .

University of Iraqia receives graduates of Secondary school of both scientific and literary branches. It also grants masters and doctorate degrees, as well as a bachelor’s degree in all departments of its colleges.

Iraqia University is located in Baghdad – capital of Iraq, it occupies an important and distinctive corner of the city of Adhamiya, one of the most important neighborhoods of the capital, the original which heritage arises from .University building is made of heritage buildings painted as an old Arab style, rich with ornaments and arches associated with the well-known Baghdadi heritage Moreover, the university is adjacent to the Royal Cemetery, (one of the distinctive landmarks of construction in Baghdad) today, some colleges are located in a number of other ancient Baghdad neighborhoods.

This university continued its original principles and its endless ,ambitious pursuit with others Arabian universities, it concluded a number of agreements and established serious cultural relations with them, in addition to joining the membership of Federation of International Universities and Federation of Arab Universities.