Dormitory Affairs Department

Student housing in Baghdad

Dormitory Affairs Department goals


    First – Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research prepares,places for housing university students as dormitories  departments according to its a

vailable capabilities.

Second Dormitories Departments aims at:

A – Create a suitable academic atmosphere.

B – Work to eliminate social differences between students.

A – Interaction, mixing and strengthening of friendship among students, accustoming them to teamwork and appreciate system, and ensuring its implementation , introducing them to their duties and rights as a basis for their future work life and training them to conduct their affairs in the Dorms.

D – Directing the student politically, socially and intellectually in a manner consistent with Consistent with the country’s policy

E – Strengthening student’s personality and encouraging him to discuss and exchange hisviews through the targeted debates held in the Dormitories D

F – Developing the student’s abilities and encouraging them in artistic, social, cultural and physical fields by holding art exhibitions, trips, social parties and sporting activities in Dormitories Department.

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Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours

internal departments for males - Saba'a Abkar Complex

Girls internal departments - Al-Waziriya Complex

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