Construction and Projects Department

The department consists of:

Projects Division:

 Its mission is to prepare installations studies for new projects, check project models, prepare a development and training plan, and present data for the base of operational needs, as well as prepare building designs, verify them, study the operational efficiency of buildings and quantitative survey work, and prepare tables of the amount of materials required ..

Follow-up Division:

Work on writing reports every month, quarterly and yearly to وanswer the official written books of the Ministry and the higher audit departments, follow up on the percentage of technical achievement, prepare field reports every two months, follow up on project disbursement, follow up on administrative orders to renew and maintain projects, and evaluate the performance of project workers , the department is ready to do all the works that fall within its competence ..

The Administrative Division:

 It is responsible for updating staff files, electronic archiving, and updating the university’s statistics database, in addition to other administrative tasks.

The Implementation Division:

 It works to supervise the implementation of projects, prepare advances, organize records, record daily events and participate in final receiving committees.

Maintenance Division:

 Carrying out maintenance and maintenance tasks for buildings, coolers and generators in all university facilities.


Goals :

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