Division of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance includes number of counseling

About Division of psychological counseling and educational guidance


chological counseling and educational guidance represent one of basic pillars of the educational process in all Academic institutions leads them for intellectual and cognitive advancement in various specializations. Psychological counseling is one of applied sciences, which leads to development of skills, abilities of individuals in general and the(students) in particular, enable them understanding themselves ,developing skills and abilities in order to make right decisions ,solve problems and achieve the best they can in terms of personalities growth and integrationand maintain psychological and social compatibility.

Vision :

Providing high-quality psychological and educational counseling service to achieve psychological and social harmony and enjoy the mental health of the individual, which is reflected in the quality of productivity, performance, and advancement of society.


Seeking to provide appropriate mechanisms for psychological and social support to all elements of the educational system and achieve proper compatibility with oneself and with others.


1- Providing various psychological and social counseling as well as helping students who suffer from psychological and social problems.

2- Implanting ethical values , principles ​​and ideals in the students souls and adhering to university and campus ethics.

3- Conducting informational and awareness meetings and creating an educational environment that leads to work and success.

4- Holding conferences, seminars, workshops and courses to consolidate the guiding, educational and academic principles, and to spread cultural awareness and mental health culture for each of (student, teacher, and administrative employee).

5- Receiving psychological counseling and inquiries raised by students and finding them appropriate solutions.

6-Contributing to preparation of posters, wall paintings and issuing guidance and awareness pamphlets that develop awareness of the university student.

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