Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up 


The Department was established in 2003 to satisfy  the university’s need for a specialized department , setting strategies and drawing goals and future plans, following up their implementation and defining unified frameworks for action to face difficulties that may arise in the future.

The department consists of four divisions:

First: Studies and Planning Division

  1. Submitting proposals for creation of (colleges, administrative departments, scientific departments, divisions or administrative units) within the university’s formations.

  1. Addressing Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to obtain the fundamental approvals for creation after preparing all the requirements (material, human), including building, laboratories and libraries necessary for development.

  1. Issuing university orders for creation after obtaining the approval of the Ministry.

  1. Develop short and long term plans to implement the university objectives with the least effort and the shortest time.

Second: Statistics Division

  1. Providing the competent references with data and statistical tables.

  1. Preparing statistical tables related to students and teachers and sending them to the Ministry.

  1. Create a database for all university employees (employees, contractors).

  1. Carries out the university statistics, scientific plan and annual report and send it to the ministry.

  1. Prepares the annual administrative report then send it to the Financial Supervision Authority.

Third: Development and Human Development Division

  1. Developing plans to improve the skills of university employee by nominating them to participate in development courses throughout the year.

  1. Circulating the curricula of courses held by Iraqi universities, bodies and national centers, and sending nominations according to the subscriber’s desire, the university’s need, and the approval of the highest official.

  1. Mutual coordination with the Center for Continuing Education to set up development courses for university employees, as well as to send course curricula held at the center to the Ministry to inform all Iraqi universities for participation.

  1. Coordination with the authorities that hold the courses to open the cooperation mechanism according to the university’s need for the courses.

Fourth: Follow-up Division

  1. Follow-up rates of the university’s achievement of the annual plan and the main obstacles that prevent achieving the objectives set for its treatment.

2 follow-up to complete the department’s work without delay, which is to conduct correspondence with all colleges and departments of the university, as well as follow-up the response to these communications.

  1. Follow up the daily implementation of the university’s strategic plans, especially the five-year plan.

  1. Monitoring the movement of the workforce at the university (teaching staff, employees, workers, … etc.) and their future directions.

  1. Coordinating with the Ministry to ensure the implementation of the development plans drawn up by the university


The department is seriously seeking to develop the performance of the university (colleges, centers, departments, divisions and administrative units) to achieve the best levels of development, it undertakes the task of preparing and following up the implementation (university plans, statistics, developing Academic, administrative and technical staff) in all its formations by following tables and modern planning programs systematically studied criteria to stimulate work procedures in all fields .

Message :

      Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up seeks to develop and upgrade the level of all university formations and various levels of the administrative grade starting from the university presidency, colleges deanships and ending with the last administrative level in this scale.


  1. Contributing to set short, medium and long-term strategic plans to implement the goals of the university with minimal effort and shortest time.

  1. Determines the university goals to be achieved in general and its formations in particular.

  1. Hosting external experts and specialists to give lectures and hold courses on various planning activities of the university.

  1. Upgrading the career and professional level of all university staff.

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