Department of Security clearance


      The Department of Security clearance is one of the departments that administratively associated with the President of the University according to the organizational structure adopted by the Ministry ,it  is technically linked to the Office of the Minister/ Security clearance at Ministry center ,its task is to grant security clearance to all employees of the University(Permanent staff, Contractors ,Members ,Fees daily staff) which represent an important term of employment  like: Placement , receipt of positions as well as granting security permits to all companies and organizations contracting with the university

The Office also adopts the policies and instructions issued by the National Office for Security Permits in the National Security Advisor, issuing regulations and instructions relating to the organization of the security side and taking all necessary measures to secure and protect buildings, individuals, information, devices and equipment from any damage or security breach In accordance with the policies of the National Office, as well as participation in the committees whose work relates to the security aspect, exclusion of un authorized persons, and those who refuse to make security clearances  from their posts, the department also responsible of holding an educational conferences and seminars aimed at informing the university employees of the dangers they may face, Negative and fighting malicious rumours aimed at destabilizing security .All these tasks and duties were based on the administrative orders issued by the Human Resources Division/ Organizational Structure Division of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which is based on the orders and instructions of the Iraqi National Security Advisor.


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