Department of Scientific Affairs


    One of the scientific departments of the University which is administratively affiliated to the office of Assistant Rector for Scientific Affairs. The title of this department speaks for its work which has been a leading dep in the university alongside the departments of cultural relations, quality assurance and post graduates departments. Its work is mixed with those divisions so that all can deliver the needed message with a fully scientific spirit.

The Scientific Affairs Department consists of three divisions alongside the electronic archives division:


  1. Division of Scientific Research


  • follow up, guidance and supervision of the Iraqi Flag Day competition

  • Auditing faculty sabbaticals

  • Issuing university’s special orders of studying leaves inside Iraq and partial-time leaves

  • Publicizing seminars and conferences of the University and other universities in Iraq

  • Following up and publicity of the annual research plan of the university

  • Following up issuing scientific magazines and communicating with the electronic websites of local and regional scientific magazines

  • Updating the database of the faculty of the university

  • Reviewing the published researches of the faculty of the university and the degree of influence coefficient of these magazines which results in awards from the Rector.



  1. Division of Backing, Editing and Translation


  • Backhanding the scientific researches of the faculty of the university

  • Expressing opinion of awarding the title of Experienced Professor

  • Following up updating the curriculums and mutual editing of the faculty of the university

  • Completing the annual statistical reports of the university

  • Completing the quarterly report of the division’s activities and send it over to MoHE

  • Completing the annual administration report of the division’s activities

  • Completing the special report of the labor market survey in both, private and public sectors

  • Following up with the scientific level of the faculty after sabbaticals


  1. Division of Controlling the circulation of chemical and biological toxic substances


  • The division directly supervises the circulation of chemical and biological toxic materials as well for storage and preservation

  • Dealing and disposing the damaged materials and re-allocate surplus materials between colleges

  • Laying the foundations and bases of controlling the handling of chemical, biological and radioactive materials

  • Activating the role of the University’s committees to monitor the stock of chemical, biological and radioactive materials

  • Inspection visits of the university’s storages of biohazard materials

  • Coordinating with MoHE, Ministry of Health and Environment and relevant authorities about disposing expired materials (specially the radioactive ones) and bury them away from cities and water sources


Division of Electronic archive, electronic mail and incoming/outcoming mail

  • Receive the incoming mail and archive them electronically and refer them to the relevant employee

  • Issuing letters and files and archive them electronically with dates and numbers

  • Receiving the electronic emails from the relevant Ministries and colleges and other universities

  • Electronic archiving of letters of all divisions over the past years



The division  has relied on the necessity of complete renaissance of all of its work and connections with the rest of the university’s colleges and scientific departments to contribute to a prosperous scientific future. It works under the umbrella of an academic foundations that’s main goal is scientific progression and local and global ranking.

Goals :

      The division aims to document its cultural and scientific relations between the University and the rest of academic and scientific associations. it also aims to raise the scientific level through various activities that could add up to its administrative work including the sabbaticals, studying leaves in Iraq, leading researches and projects, hosting professors of universities and interests of organizing them according to the instructions of the Ministry as well as for providing the department of research and development with the university’s scientific needs.

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