Marital Information

Date of birth: 3/24/1971

Marital status: Married

Number of children: 2

Certificate: Ph.D. in Engineering

Degree: Professor


Scientific Qualifications

  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

  • Master in Communication and Electronics Engineering/ Digital data processing

  • Doctorate in Communication and computer Engineering/ Digital Image processing and its applications

Functional expertise and scientific posts

  • ( Cultural Attaché at Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to Romania – Bucharest for the period between 2010-2015

  • Head of the Department of Computing and Software Engineering in the College of Engineering in AlMustansiriya University in 2006.

  • Director of Computer Center at Al -Mustansiriya University in 2007.

  • Director of Consulting engineering office in Al-Mustansiriya University for designs and engineering consultancy in 2005.

  • Rapporteur of Department of Computing and Software Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Mustansiriya from 1998 to 2004.

  • A faculty member in the College of Engineering Al Mustansiriya University from 1994 to 2010.

  • work as a lecturer in the field of computer engineering and information technology, electrical engineering in many engineering colleges in Iraqi universities.

  • Consultant Member at Al-Mustansiriya University designs for supervision and engineering consultancy from 1997 to 2010 in the engineering office.

  • Membership of technical team at Baghdad University project to develop the infrastructure of Baghdad city from 2005 to 2007.

  • Scientific Supervisor on many of Master’s and Doctoral students.

  • Participation in many training and development courses in the field of computers and information technology and communications inside and outside Iraq.

  • Recipient of numerous certificates of appreciation in the field of computers and information and communication technology from universities and from international centers inside and outside Iraq.

  • Participation in numerous conferences and symposium held inside and outside Iraq. publishing many scientific researches in the field of computers, information and communication technology in the world and Iraqi important magazines.

  • chirman and membership of many scientific committees and supervisory promotions, scientific committees and investigative, test scores,engineering,development the preparatory committees of scientific conferences held in the Ministry of Higher Education and Iraqi universities.

  • Evaluating many theses for postgraduate students of (Doctoral and Master), within the scientific supervision and evaluation system in Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  • participation in the presidency and membership of committees to discuss many of the Doctoral and Master’s degrees.

  • Participation in many of the relevant committees to test and choose discreet research for students of Graduate and Postgraduate engineering studies in the field of computer engineering and information technology and electrical engineering.

  • Dr. Khamees has extensive experience in the field of teaching and administrative work, project management and accounting.


  • Arabic Language,

  • English language

  • Romanian language / little


Member of the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate
Member of the Iraqi Society of Engineers
Member of the teachers union
Member of the Computer and Informatics Association

Appreciation Letters

Dr. Khameeshad rewarded Many letters of appreciation and discretion of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of National Education Romania and many Iraqi and foreign universities.