Department of Registration & Students Affairs :

    The department was established with the university establishment and was called then Department of Preliminary Studies while it was dealing  all the registration affairs in the colleges , the university included then(3) scientific departments  as colleges. With the expansion of the university and the development of new colleges in 2008 2009 it became necessary to expand and develop the sections in the registration department and other colleges, documentation and authentication documentation of documents and build registration sections in the colleges .The name of Department of Preliminary Studies changed to Department of Registration & Students Affairs on 19/8/2009 to follow the central and unified designation which had been recommended by all the ministerial recommendations to all Iraqi Universities .

In the studying year 2017-2018 the department of registration had been developed to (4) sections according the new ministerial administrational structure as to be as follow:

1- Division of Registration & Admission .

2-Division of Authentication of Documents .

3-Division of Follow up Students Affairs .

4-Division of Illumines and  Authentications  .


Goals :