Department of Media and Public Relations


The Department of Media and Public Relations is one of the important departments at AlIraqia University, it is considered a reflection of the activities that are carried out in colleges and departments, as well as its architecture and scientific development. This section focuses, through the means available to it, on the activities and partnerships held by the University College, as it participates in the distinct and varied programs and communicates with the university’s TV channel by providing films, reports and various programs using a specialized media team

The department is also keen on issuing the editing of its monthly magazine (Voice of the Iraqi University), which publishes university news in addition to a section of research and scientific articles.

The Media Department is also responsible for providing folders, posters, printed banners and other documents related to university departments. It also adopts providing the Federation of Arab Universities with updated news about the university’s activities, sending various reports on workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. to the Ministry of Higher Education, and coordinating with various Iraqi media outlets to cover activities that It is held by the Iraqi University.

In addition, the Media Department is responsible for the protocols of continuous cooperation with other universities and other coordination with endowments, and also coordinates with the Department of Progressive Education to hold various specialized media courses and lectures on media, public relations, television guidance, photography, etc.

The department includes administrative divisions in addition to, Journalism and Publishing,, Central Hall, Public Relations, EditingDivision.


The department undertakes various tasks, including highlighting the media activities and events that serve the university with its students, professors and affiliates, and in a way that reflects the bright and speaking image of the reality of the university and the movement of creativity and development therein.

the message:

Searching for generalities and strengths of excellence and generalizing them by investing the media in its various specializations and types in order to consolidate university, research, academic and value traditions that meet the needs and requirements of society and shape the bright future of it.

Goals :

Mission: 1. Establishing the traditions of independent, innovative and innovative media work in the scientific and mass circles.

2. Developing methods and tools and diversifying sources and means.

3. Simulating the development in the media according to the available capabilities so that they are compatible with their performance and quality.

4. Adopting persuasive news materials and compelling expressions to highlight creative situations and make them the role model for others.

5. Clarifying the university’s strategy and goals, introducing the public to its leaders, and reflecting the bright image of its colleges and departments.

6. Encouraging professors, researchers, students and associates to write and publish in the department’s publications.

7. Trying to rely on self-financing by activating activities with an economic return.

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