Postgraduate Studies Department


The Department was Founded in the academic year 1993/1994 atAl Iraqia University,itconsidersas a relevant administrative authority to the divisions of Graduate Studies in the University’s colleges , links between them and with the presidency of the university represented by Assistant Rector for scientific Affairs Office and with the Office of President of the University.

The department issued a separate private and confidential mail as a kind of administrative autonomy and as a fact it deals directly with all university formations.


The Main Department Tasks

1-Determining the position of faculty members at the university colleges aboutteaching and supervising graduate students to study according to acceptance conditions of each academic year then be collect  reports and sent them to the Department of Research and Development in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for ratification and approval, during the third month of each academic year and the preparation and follow-up to what it takes  to develop graduate studies in the departments or colleges developed to fit the creation &admission instructionsthat approved and accepted by the ministry’s instructions.

2-Attendingthe special meetings to give decisions that concerns the preparation of controls accepting students during April and May of each year and in coordination with the ministry.

3-Preparingthe graduate studies department in the colleges of the university to receive the applicants students and receive files at a date between August  and July each year.

4-Receiving the  students application forms from the graduate study divisions, sorting and consolidating then entering the applicants in formationsof central admissions system in order to show admission  results and announce the names of admitted students then informing the Ministry of that.

5-Issuing university  orders that concerns graduates and acceptable and related activities that relates extensions of the study period throughout the academic  year.

6-generalizing  instructions and orders relating to the graduate studies affairs at university colleges and answering their comments& questions to submit them to the ministry.

7-Preparing the  statistics and tables about numbers of graduate students admitted and thosewho are ongoing study,dismissed, and   graduates.

8-documenting thedocuments of the fullstudying database of graduates students by using the database of each one.

9-Implementingof the minutes of college boards, including graduates affairs .

10-Studying  the problems and obstacles that faced our students and to find appropriate solutions.

1 / Division of documents:

The Division received the documents submitted by the students admitted to inform the concerned authorities for the purpose of installing the legal and assure issuance and receipt documents of the graduating studentsthen ratifies themin order to approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The Student Affairs and Registration Documents Division: Follow-up of students admitted to


2/The Student Affairs and Registration Documents Division:

Follow-up of students admitted to graduate studies and documenting their grades of the first and second semesters and recording the names of Theses and follow-up extensions and dates of discussions in the latest issue of graduate studies orders at the university ..


Being the best in scientific research and leadership in graduate studies at the local, regional and international level..

The message :

Supports scientific research projects that gives knowledge and contributes to strengthening the process of comprehensive national development, as well as providing graduate programs approvedto fit the requirements and needs of the labor market.

Goals :

1- preparing a development crew by using admission program consists of teaching staff, employees and facilities the concerns procedures.                                                                

2-Choosing the best topic of theses for graduate studies students to develop scientific research field.

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