Department of Missions & Cultural Relations | Aliraqia University

Department of Missions & Cultural Relations

The department was established on 24-12-2014 as one of the most active department in the university,it works on preparing a plan for academic vacations for both university employees and academic staff who want to study in or outside the country to obtain higher degrees.

The department deals with hosting Academics from outside the country in the framework of cultural exchanges program¬† regarding the development of modern studying methods and curricula,Lending of university Academic staff outside the country ,Conducting evaluation procedures for the certificates of the university’s employee envoys after completion of their studies ,preparing a database for students of staff employees who studies outside the country , creating Of Units or divisions in the colleges runs by Department of Cultural Relations And Missions to coordinate and communicate with other scientific divisions and departments.

The department consists of:

  • Division of Cultural Relations ,

  • Division of students outside Iraq.

  • Unit of Electronic Documentation.


Goals :

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