Prof. Dr. Khamis Awad Zidan ,Assistant President of Iraqia University for Scientific Affairs held an extensive meeting with directors of the scientific departments of the university presidency and the scientific assistants of the university faculties to discuss the topics on the agenda.

During the meeting, they discussed the mechanism of the government program and the latest scientific developments, as well as the instructions and directives of Ministry of Higher Education in various related fields, especially the curriculum system, issue of Separation of morning and evening studies , the entry of the university in the international rankings and competition for advanced centers, in addition to activating the website and updating the news of the colleges and the latest activities with pictures.

The meeting also discussed the regulations of study leave vacation at home and abroad

the end of the meeting, the attendees exchanged points of views directors of scientific affairs, scholarships and cultural relations, postgraduate studies, studies and planning, general registration, student affairs, scientific products, quality assurance departments with attendance of scientific assistants to the faculties of the university, making many observations and suggestions that concerns the university , faculties and departments for the new academic year 2019/2020 .