Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, President of Iraqia University, sponsored a ceremony of department of Media and Public Relations to honor media divisions in the faculties of the University.

The event includes a short film entitled "Process of Creativity" which deals with the work of media department, university media team, the produced programs and the nature of the media coverage of the activities organized by the university presidency, colleges and students, besides programs of community services.

During the event President of the University, honored College of Art which won the first place in terms of number of documented and published activities, College of Islamic Sciences, which won the most activities in terms of production of programs and community service. And Media College which ranked first in terms of the most published news on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education And scientific research.

Certificates were given by the deans of the faculties to all media units in the faculties of the university during the ceremony, as appreciation of their efforts and support to continue work and provide more efforts to serve the educational process.

The event was attended by the president of the university and a number of deans of the colleges as well as officials and employees of media department.