Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division of the Office of Scientific Assistant to the President of the University, in cooperation with the Union of Iraqi Jurists, organized a seminar entitled (Crime of electronic extortion).

The Scientific Assistant to the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Khamis Awad Zeidan, attended the seminar and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof.A. Dr. Mohamed Hameed Abd . The seminar started by presenting a video showing a part of the electronic extortion carried out by some of the weak souls against girls after being seduced and threatened to publish their pictures in case they do not receive money for their silence, then a statement followed by the representative of Iraqi Jurists Union indicates that "the Iraqi courts receive many cases of threats and electronic extortion, the judicial facts indicates that most of the victims are girls whom their personal photos had been obtained by luring or hacking accounts on social networking sites," pointing out, That "the Iraqi legislator put sanctions for the perpetrators of those crimes with calls to tighten the grip through the legislative outlets to be more deterrent because the cases of electronic extortion are in a continuous rising , some of them carrying material reasons others are emotional " .

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