In coordination with the "Land of Gilgamesh for Culture, Education and Information" the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Iraqia University organized its second scientific conference on the quality of education and higher education in Iraq, in the presence of a group of specialists, academics and officials in various governmental institutions.

The conference began with the national anthem, anthem of the university and reading of Al-Fatihah in honor of the martyrs of Iraq and higher education, followed by the speech of President of the Iraqia University. Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, followed by the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Shaker Al-Kubaisi, and then the speech of Dr. Ahmed Younis Al-Ani, Director of the Foundation of Gilgamesh for Culture, Education and Information.

The conference included three sessions, morning and evening includes a number of topics, the use of E-learning in curriculum design, education and investment in the management of the knowledge society. In addition to "strategic planning and performance of employees", "the role of leadership in spreading integrity", "professional pressures", "the role of vocational education in preparation of future students", " obstacles of E-learning and its impact and educational trends." Democratic ", " electronic library ", the effects of education in sustainable development", "mechanisms to raise the quality level.

The conference concluded with a number of important recommendations on the quality of education and higher education in Iraq and deferent branches and disciplines in the field of strategic visions and E. governance, sustainable development and economics of education, the repercussions of the technological revolution and information, in order to work together and concerted efforts to raise the level of curricula and improve efficiency , overall quality and follow-up of modern technologies At all levels in various universities and colleges.

Finally the conference concluded by reading its final statement, announcing its recommendations and distributing certificates of appreciation among the participants and researchers.