On October 27, 2016, the Iraqi University celebrated the graduation of its 24th course which was held under the slogan of (with our students and mobilization, we build and protect Iraq) in the college’s compound location in Saba’ Abkar with a remarkable academic attendance and wide media coverage.

Dr. Fuaad Kasim Mohammed, Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs attended the ceremony on behalf of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Researches Abdul-Razzaq Al-Essa as well as the attendance of Dr. Ali Salih Hussein the President of the University and his Deputy for Scientific Affairs Khamis Awad Zedan and Deputy President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Dr. Hussein Al-Bahadli.

The Ceremony began with verses of Al-Quran and reading Al-Fatiha dedicated to the lost lives of the martyrs of the homeland, followed by playing the National Anthem and the parade of the graduated students who were holding their flags and slogans.

In this ceremony, the President made a speech in which he talked about the most important achievements of the University indicating to the role of the University in enhancing and supporting the scientific research by encouraging the scientific sector in line with the theoretic one, by providing suitable scientific environment like scientific laboratories despite of limited budget.

The President also assured the University’s effort to pushing its staff and professors into intense courses abroad to develop their skills and experiences on different aspects. The Representative of the Minister praised the efforts of the university for its hosting and supporting to its students and its staff indicating to the “role played by the Ministry to accommodate all talents and potentials and supporting colleges and universities to make educational process, thrive.

The Celebration also included distributing certificates of B. Sc.s to the graduated students each according to its specialization and based on the authorities given to each dean of the college, finally the ceremony was ended by distributing presents and other gifts to the top students in the pleasure of cheers of their families.


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