A new issued book taking methods of teaching specialized in humanity &scientific as a title published in Amjad's house for publishing and printing in Jordan .It was the second book within the chain of references of curricula and general teaching methods .

The book has been written with association of Dr. Iman Abed Alkareem Theeb Head of psychological and educational section and Dr. Omar Mageed Abed Dean of college and Dr. Kefah Al Askary one of The Professors of psychology and Education section at Education college .

The book included general introduction and 10 chapters, the first one came under the title of concepts of teaching methods ,second chapter was about teaching targets while the third was about planning in teaching ,the fourth was an introduction about the development in teaching .

The other chapters from 5th till 9th deals with teaching methods to teach Islamic education, Arabic language Mathematics ' Social sciences ,and science's teaching methods .The last chapter reserved to talk about educational's techniques only.


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