A new book issued in Baghdad under name of(education's role and effect on social peace) published by Dar Al Andalus had been written with association of Dr. Mohammed Shaker Abed Allah Dean of Islamic sciences college and Dr. Khalid Muslim Ibrahim Head of interpretation section .

The book explained education concept and other concerned subjects which affect social peace by intensive study trying to achieve disciplined education to fight terrorism and overstatement on our society avoiding enemy's hoax, the think that protects Muslims from intellectual invasion by following the prophet's orders script after his immigration  to Al Madena Al Monoura, The script deals with certain issues that played basic role in social peace influenced by education to keep basic rules .

The book illustrates the role of disciplined education to achieve social peace ,safety and society pleasure also supports virtue and morality to create moral intention reminding the importance dangerous and fluency of education. The book also indicates that the human though must based on right belief to be on its right vision and challenging all faked doctrines and negative thoughts intentions and this is what disciplined education in facts achieved .


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