A new written book for the Chief general media section at media college Dr. Mohammed Zain Al-Dain, under the name of (public relations at tourism establishments. The new written book which had been printed at (Amjed house for publishing and printing in Jordan) the book deals with important role of public relations effects to improve the tourism establishment and how it affects the tourism world which represent one of the largest sector after agriculture and transferring industries.

Dr. Mohammed focused in his new issued book on the development of public relations until nowadays, including also the big role of public relations to revive the Iraqi tourism sector and its importance. The book also clearly explained the targets, role and its communications and their ways to operate differently kinds of tourism establishments indicating that improving utilities of tourism establishments affects clearly the activity of public relations. It is to be noted that the written book of Dr. Mohammed is the second one issued under the name of advertising campaign for movable communications companies last year which interest many of academic field.


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