The vice rector for the scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Khamis A. Zidan, held a meeting with the managers of the scientific departments and theirs officials to discuss the duties that they are responsible for and stand on the most prominent problems and obstacles that face them in order to improve their working by using the new methods to reach the goals of the university.

The vice rector confirmed on the necessity of work achievement with accuracy and quickly in order to put our university in a great position. He added that the next step will be a crucial stage to get benefit from the staff of the university, and they have to do their work according to job descriptions, and we have to specify the weakness and strength point to made the required equilibrium.

The vice rector clarified that our world require an activity of the staff to raise their efficiency of the staff in all departments of the university concerning it as a fertility place by using the technology of Internet by coordination with the department of media and the electronical website of the university to attract a great number of persons and researchers. He emphazised also on the necessity of integrity between the employees and the persons who dealt with them.

The mangers of the departments expressed their gratitude to the ideas of the vice rector and his visions to stimulate the employees in order to reach with our university to high position in the world rankings.

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