unemployment in  Iraq
unemployment in Iraq


In order to shed light on the phenomenon of the unemployment in the Iraqi society, College of Islamic Sciences organized a workshop titled (PHENOMENON OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE IRAQI SOCIRTY –REASON AND TREATMENT) in cooperation with Researches and Islamic Studies Centre (RISC).

"Job is a mean; not a reason, it immune the individual against poverty." Dr. Ra'ad H. Tawfeeq the manager of RISC said. He added that "the state establishments have failed in accommodating the unemployment by not having a sound plan of development or adopting the Islamic system especially in the Muslim world which led to the phenomenon of unemployment" Dr. Ra'ad added.

The workshop argued that the unemployment in the Iraqi society is referred to the failure of the private sector to do its role in an unstable complex environment as well as sabotage and losses of the public fund due to the deteriorating of the social and security standards that lead to a flaw in the economic structure. The government has also to do its important part by employing the graduate students and adopts the social insurance system for the unemployed graduates to reduce the effects of this dilemma socially.

The workshop suggested many recommendations; the most important of them are: to link the development planning with the educational planning; because the educational outputs are fit to the market's needs. The private sector has to do its real role in the investment by correcting the economic structure via building a strong and an advanced agriculture and stop depending on the service sector only.