College of Islamic Science/ AL-Iraqia University organized on Wednesday 20/4/2016 its annual scientific conference titled "Iraqi doctrinal and ethnic diversity and their cultural contributions to Iraqi Society" on Qur'anic Centre Hall in Saba' Abkar Complex.

The conference was attended by AL-Iraqia University President Professor Doctor Ali Salih Hussein, President of Sunni Endowment Department Doctor Abdulltateef AL-Himym and the President of Imam Jafar AL-Sadiq University Professor Doctor NihadHassoubi Salih.

And Dean of college Professor Doctor Mohammad Shakir Abdullah said in his statement that this conference has an importance in the life of Iraqi society and contributes to build the structure of the society. 

And he also clarified that the goal behind such conference is the practical approach that conveys the vision and the diversity of doctrines and ethnicities to real vision meaning Human and national brotherhood and this is described as the greatest forum for Iraqi people. So, Unity is not the platforms, speeches and references but it counts on real work felt in the morals and works of people.

Moreover, Sunni Endowment President stressed to the necessity of peaceful co-existence among the mosaic of society of different religions and beliefs. 

He also referred to AL-Mighty Allah Laws and the universe is working in accordance with certain laws such as rivalry, difference, motivation and circulation and significance of such laws in establishing societies, co-existing among them and building the land.

And the conference embraced a number of topics including a comparison in caring about social diversity and the employment of scientific diversity in building societies, History of Jurisprudential Schools in Iraq and their Cultural Contributions in Peaceful Co-Existence, the contribution of Educational Approaches in Strengthening Social Relations not to mention the Cultural Depth in Iraq and its Impact in Deepening Noble Values, the Diversity of Jurisprudential Fatawa and Its Relations to Iraqi Social Cohesion as a Model.

In addition, it embraced another topic titled Multi-Religions in the contemporary Iraq and its diversity and reflections on the National Unity.

The conference is aiming at affirming the original Islamic Principles concerned with respecting ethnic and doctrinal diversity and strengthening the principles of co-existence in Iraqi society and getting benefit from such doctrinal and ethnic diversity and employing the phenomenon of Iraqi doctrinal and ethnic diversity so as to present its cultural role in society.

And it aims at benefiting from scholars means and their cultural contributions in confronting different types of misbahaviours and directing society in general and students of different fields of knowledge to concentrate on the importance of ethnic and doctrinal diversity and its cultural contributions in serving society.

Moreover, a number of researches were discussed in the conference following the distributions works of the scientific session on two halls according to specializations. 

The conference was concluded by reading the conclusive statement, recommendations, distributing college shields and certificate of appreciations to researchers and distinguished participants in the conference.

And the conference was also attended by Dean of Islamic Science/ Baghdad University Doctor Mohammad Jawad AL-Trihi and the General Coordinator of National Campaign against Extremism Professor Doctor SideeqKhaleel. 

Not to mention a number of AL-Iraqia University Colleges Deans and group of teachers and students.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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