College of Media/ AL-Iraqia University concluded on Thursday 21/4/2016 Investigative Journalism Course in co-operation with (NIRIJ) Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism and Sponsored by IMS organization.

The course lasted for 2 days and international trainers Saman AL-Jaff and Dluvan Barwari gave lectures with the participation of a group of students.

And teaching staff member at Department of Radio Journalism and Television Doctor Alaa Najah said "this training course came as a result of co-operation between deanship of media and (NIRIJ)Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism so as to create an educated generation of media presenters backed by all skills of Journalism art."

Besides, he also said that "investigative journalism has become one of the most important tools of journalistic work in the present time due to the expansion in the field of journalism through opening new horizons in social media and in the light of accelerated development that Fourth Estate witnessed last decades."

In addition, teaching staff member at Department of Journalism Doctor Muhsin Abod referred to the fact that the course dealt with explanation and analysis of hypothesis writing process which is considered to be the corner stone of investigative journalism start and the workshop also trained students the way of writing hypotheses and means of tacking them.

Moreover, the trainers highlighted a number of concepts, terminologies and vocabulary of investigative journalism including principles of televised and written investigation, principles of investigative journalism, the differencesbetween investigative journalism and traditional one, the development of hypotheses and defining the available and classified sources.

Furthermore, the course included theoretical and practical trainings which acquired students new skills that opened new horizons for them and they are to contribute to reconsider the way of dealing with issues in order to complete investigative Surveys that are to benefit the society.

On the top of that, trainer Saman Nuh expressed his deep appreciation for the distinctive scientific status of college of media students in comparison with their peers in other universities.

The course is aiming at defining investigative journalism for students and its role in unveiling the truth and the pieces of information which are too difficult to be reached by traditional journalism. 

Besides, it is described as a step forward for a number of future trainings in the field of investigative journalism where deanship of media is committed to it to live up to students' scientific levels.

It is mentioned that deanship of media/AL-Iraqia University signed a number of co-operation agreements with international media organizations. 

The most important one is as follows: International Media Sport IMS which allows students of college to be trained in different fields of media.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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