Department of Life Science at College of Education/ AL-Iraqia University organized on Thursday 21/4/2016 a scientific symposium with regard to "Cholera disease means of prevention and treatment." where Assistant professor Doctor Ali Hasoon Hammadi gave a lecture with the participation ofelite of students of the aforementioned department.

Besides, the symposium have included several topics dealt with Vibrio Cholera and sometimes it is known as Asian Cholera or Epidemic Cholera which is considered as an infectious disease caused by germ strains of Streptococcal toxin.

And the virus is transmitted to humans by eating or drinking contaminated materials. 

It is supposed that human being was the host of cholera disease for a long period of time. However, there are a lot of pieces of evidence referring to the fact that the environments of water can be good hosts of the said bacteria.

Moreover, the lecturer clarified that Vibrio Cholrea which is defined as a negative germ (- gram) produces Enterotoxin

It works onlining Mucosal epithelium of the small intestine and it causes Diarrhea Leech.

Also he referred to the fact that Cholera is one of the deadliest diseases where blood pressure in the healthy man is decreased to lowest level of pressure one hour after the appearance of symptoms and the infected patients might be dead in three hours if they are not given the appropriate medical attention.

Moreover, Vibrio Cholera is caused by food contamination that affects the digestive system. The symptoms of the disease are severe diarrhea caused by the poison discharged by Vibrio Cholera bacteria. 

Therefore mineral salts and excessive amount of water are discharged.

Then, it is to lead to dehydration followed by hypo tension and sometimes, it leads to death.

Furthermore, the lecturer talked about the first case of the said disease internationally and the first case in Iraq. 

And he also affirmed most of the reported cases are results of bad monitoring especially in Africa. The fatality rate is estimated 5% out of the total cases in Africa and less than 1% in other places.It is worth mentioning that the first case of cholera appeared in India in 1816. In Iraq, the first case appeared in 1836.

And the symposium also dealt with the symptoms of the said disease and the incubation period from several hours to 5 days and the most important symptoms are diarrhea leech without stomach ache, severe vomiting following diarrhea. 

Besides, the vomiting is accompanied by nausea.

Therefore, dehydration and thirst are resulted by diarrhea leech and vomiting. 

Then, they are to lead to hypo tension.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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