Department of Law at College of Law and political Science/ AL-Iraqia University implemented on Monday 18/4/2016 a practical application of the virtual court so as to develop students' skills in the practical fields.

The application is represented by premeditated killing and rape charges, while male and female students were divided into different groups to compose the role of court every one according to his/her qualifications.

Moreover, the court included virtual applications with some slight modifications to be in harmony with the available resources and motivating students to work as a team and creating real competition and co-operation in the performance.

In other words, students were trained to apply everything employed in outside courts in their own virtual one.

The implementation of virtual court is aiming to strengthen the legal culture among students and help them acquire practical skills such as persuasion, self-confidence, improvisation and litigant representation.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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