Division of Media and Public Relations at College of Islamic Science/ AL-Iraqia University organized in co-operation with International Group for Training and Development on Wednesday 13/4/2016 a course titled "Creative Thinking in Campus".

And Trainer Doctor Ahmed Khedhier presented a lecture in the course. 

He clarified that creative thinking is defined as individuals' ability to produce in a resilient, spontaneous and original way. And he also referred to the fact that this the way of developing students positive and productive thinking abilities.

Therefore, they are to be confidents in their thoughts and they are to have good impressions about themselves.

Besides, he cleared that creative thinking is developing the desire of working and learning and enhancing students' abilities and developing their communication skills. In addition, it is developing their leadership skill and their desire of teamwork. 

Moreover, it is increasing the awareness of the importance of time and consequently to achieving good class environment that can make interaction.

The lecturer also dealt with the most significant obstacles that creative thinking is witnessing and means of addressing them. It includes personal obstacles, weakness of self-confidence, stereotype thinking, and feeling of disability, hastiness, fearing of making mistakes and so on that discourage and curb the spark of creative thinking.

The course also gave the opportunity of discussion between students and participants over the concept of creative thinking and means of getting benefit from it and the way of applying it to real life.

The course is aiming at developing students creative thinking skills which are considered to be training for the individual to invent new manners to organize or re-organize knowledge and enhancing skills to contribute to the increase of individual's awareness of his abilities and making him self-confident so as to overcome life difficulties in future.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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