Department of Journalism at College of Media/ AL-Iraqia University organized a scientific symposium titled "Culture of Change and Concept of Media Education"

The Symposium embraced two scientific lectures, the first one was presented by Assistant Professor Doctor Bushra AL-Hamdani, it dealt with the culture of change in the light of Arab Revolutions and the role of social media which was described as the biggest machine of these revolutions to citizens journalism represented by forums, social media sites and their positive and negative effects because such sites gave relative freedom misused sometimes.

She stressed on the necessity of right understanding of the use of such sites by the spread of national unity and fighting division and sectarianism and accepting the other because the difference of opinion does not spoil the intimacy.

And the second lecture was presented by Professor Doctor Fadhil AL-Badrani where he discussed media education and text analysis.

In addition, he gave a detailed explanation about the concept of media education and digital media because they are dealing with all communicative mass media given by different telecommunication and information technologies. 

Besides, he highlighted the way of enabling individuals to grasp media message and its production.

Furthermore, he said that digital media is defined as one of the most active subjects that imposed its domination on the academic field at Colleges and Departments of Journalism and Media.

Finally, the symposium witnessed interaction, exchange of views and thoughts and it concluded that dealing with media aspect which is subcategorized into theoretical and field work to spread digital media in an extensive way recently. 

And bringing curricula of media education to schools and universities because it contributes to activating in-depth communication subject and then, it is to present a lot of mistakes and rooted problems through research and discussion especially among university students.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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