Division of Media and Public Relations at College of Islamic Science/ AL-Iraqia University in co-operation with International Group for Training and Development organized on Thursday 7/4/2016 a training course titled (How to market yourself in labour market) run by president of International Group for Training and Development Dr. Ahmed AL-Jaff.

And the course included a number of topics, they are as follows: First, writing the curriculum vitae and its importance in applying to certainjob and the way of drafting it. Besides, Dr. Ahmed said self-marketing is showing all skills, former and current scientific practical experiences to attract the attention of who is interested in the process of employment so as to get a good job.

He also referred to the fact that this depends on the way of writing a curriculum with good content, layout and outline and marketing it in a good way in order to get a good job for you. 

After that, you are to make your dreams true by building a promising future. On the top of that, a practical training was carried out for the participants over the way of filling CV form.

As for the second topic, it was about the job interview and its types in applying to a job, means of preparing for the personal interview, the obstacles witnessing the person in marketing himself as a result of inexperience and means of tackling them, good means that help individuals market himself they are presented as follows: social media like (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+).

Al-Jaff talked about the sites mentioned above and their popularity in marketing your CV through his trainings.

It is worth noting that the rate of finding jobs in these sites are more than others not to mention the wide spread of these sites at every single house or company and their great benefit in making simultaneous conversation with the official who is interested in your CV.

He also affirmed that these sites contributed to the employment of many youth and to increase their knowledge about the ones who apply to the job and to document relations between himself and many other companies.

And the course had a number of discussions over job marketing and means of benefitting from these concepts so as to be applied to reality.

The course was concluded by a kind initiative of International Group for Training and Development, it was about giving smart students certificate of creativity to support their smartness and efforts in comparison with their peers.

And the course was aiming to learn college student's means of writing curriculum vitae so as to benefit from it in job interviews in order to strengthen self-confidence, personal skills and abilities, means of developing them, the importance of social media and its employment in personal marketing.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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