Department of Jurisprudence at College of Islamic Science/ AL-Iraqia University organized on Tuesday 5/4/2016 a workshop titled "Islam in Europe- Germany as a Model" presided by Ibrahim Madhat AL-Rawi- resident in Germany.

And the workshop started presenting the heavenly religions in Europe and how Muslims co-exist with the religions and studying the historical roots of Islam in addition to the economic and political aspects and their impacts in accepting that Islam is a religion contributes to build nations and to strengthen societies.

Besides, it also highlighted the factors behind immigration and the impressions of Muslims as victims and fighters of terrorism it is worth noting that Muslims rejects terrorists thoughts.

AL-Rawi cited that some statistics showed the number of those who converted to Islam. He also talked about the most important figures who converted to Islam: such as: politicians, economists and engineers.

Moreover, he presented in the workshop a movie explaining the history of Muslims in Germany, the places of worship, Islamic foundations and institutions and dozens of Islamic centres that are found in some countries and they aim to document the Islamic brotherhood, open Islamic schools, translate the main Islamic references into German, Issue Islamic journals and preserve Islamic identity. 

Furthermore, there are more than 300 Masjids in Germany distributed in the biggest German cities.

The lecturer referred that Muslims are getting their Islamic education in some schools annexed to masjids or Islamic centres in weekends.

It is worth mentioning that every community is getting education in their own language of Masjid or Centre. 

And there are places of prayers in some universities in addition to summer camps for Muslims students in Germany

The workshop reached a number of recommendations; the most important ones are as follows: Islamic religion is the religion of forgiveness and love and Islam urges us to be well-mannered, loving and forgiving and calling people for Islam should be based upon wisdom, preaching, resilience and kindness.

The workshop concentrated on the necessity of presenting Islam in a civilized way away from racism or reluctance and to stress on the bright aspects of Islamic history where it witnessed the spread of Arab Islamic culture especially in the field of architectural engineering, Medicine, astronomy …etc.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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