College of Media / AL-Iraqia University and Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism (Nirij) organized on Tuesday 29-3-2016 a workshop of investigative journalism which lasted for two days with the participation of elite of college professors.

And the workshop dealt in its first day with the definition of investigative journalism considering it one of the arts of journalism that unveils things for the public hidden intentionally as a result of different reasons.

Besides, it highlighted the importance, features, specifications and obstacles of investigative journalism.

In addition, experts of investigative work at Nirij Organization SamanNuh and DlovanBarwari presented valuable pieces of information based on field experiences concerning investigative journalism.

They confirmed that the elements of investigative work are working on bringing new things, discovering specific case and searching in its different aspects.

Besides, it is very necessary to be careful and to be neuter and to abide confidentiality in exchanging information and getting it and directing an accusation and working on proving or denying it.

The workshop also included the execution of practical work concerning the way of choosing a subject can be addressed by investigation starting from what does a journalist want to say, what is the goal, what is the maximum of the story and the importance of the subject for readers and what is the special journalism for writing until preparing a comprehensive program of investigative journalism.

And a theoretical lecture was presented on the second day. It was about the basics of scientific research required by the investigative work, especially the hypothesis of investigative work and the significance of making it clear and meeting all the occupational and scientific requirements that enable the journalist to get good results

Furthermore, the participants of the workshop discussed with the lecturers many details concerning investigative journalism and the mechanism of presenting information for students who have no idea about it and encouraging them to move forward in the investigative journalism.

And it also embraced suggesting subjects or issues for investigative journalism and enriches them with analysis and process till getting a complete map of work of an organization which can guarantee for the journalist the success in achieving goals or the ultimate goal of the journalistic investigation.

Besides, College of Media has opened Unit of Investigative Journalism recently. It was established in co-operation with Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism (Nirij). It aims at coordinating and organizing the practical training for students who get investigative journalism theoretical lectures.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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