Department of Arabic Language at College of Arts/ AL-Iraqia University organized on Sunday 3-4-2016 a symposium titled "Linguistic Planning and Educated Society" with the participation of an elite of pioneers of linguistics and literature from Baghdad and AL-Mustansiriya Universities.

Besides, Head of Arabic Language Department Professor Doctor Yousif Khalaf Mahal made a speech in the event. He said that organizing such symposium is among the plans prepared by  College of Arts and Department of Arabic Language to take care of Arabic.

And he also referred that the college hosted three specialized professors, they are as follows: Professor Doctor Mohammad Dhari Hammadi, Professor Doctor Kareem Hussein Nasih from Baghdad University and Professor Doctor Tariq Abed Oun from AL-Mustansiriya University.  

      In addition, the specialized professors presented paper-works explaining the best means of planning to protect Arabic Language and to keep it. They also stressed on the importance of pressuring colloquial Arabic and to confront the challenges that Arabic witnesses.  

They also concentrated on the necessity of that the government and its institutions and the most importantly universities and Arabic Language Departments should have a philosophy and policy to keep the domination of Arabic Language. Besides, there should be specific linguistic planning programs on all levels. 

Moreover, the symposium shedded lights on the significance of changing Arabic language learning programs from kindergartens and to all education levels with the finding of positive linguistic environment in our institutions. And Arabic language teachers must be well-prepared. Furthermore, Arabic language departments have to be provided with linguistic laboratories.

  Finally, the symposium reached a number of suggestions and recommendations that are in favor of the goals of this activity.

Translated by: Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A) Deputy Head of Translation Department/College of Arts/AL-Iraqia University

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