Unit of Continuing Education in College of Medicine organized a symposium on the importance of communication skills of doctors entitled (THE COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS) presented by director of the unit is Dr. Asa'ad Fadhel Hamoudi al-Bayati.

Dr. Asa'ad made a presentation of the importance of the interaction between doctors and their patients and how to train medical students and to provide them with the knowledge and the correct fundamentals and skills necessary to deal with their patients after they graduate.

The brain surgery specialist professor Dr. Mohammed Hamid referred to the importance of communication skills of doctors, stressing that there is a set of principles that must be adhered to and to teach, train and prepare medical schools students with what they need to perform their duties thoroughly after graduation and work as doctors.

As for the otolaryngologist, Dr. professor Bassim Abdul Hadi, he cited from educational programs in this regard given to students in developed countries like Canada or UK which pay a great deal of attention to this respect.

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