Al-Iraqia university has participated in the Second Scientific Conference, which was held under the slogan (THE ROLE OF EDUCATION IN SOCIALIZING, COMMUNITY BUILDING AND OPPOSING TERRORISM), sponsored by the head of the Sunni Endowments Sheikh Dr. Abdul Latif al-Hmayem, within his national and Islamic campaign against extremism and terrorism.

The University has been represented by the director of the department of Media and Public Relations Dr. Wathik Abbas Abdul Razzaq who delivered a paper entitled (MEDIA TRENDS IN THE TREATMENT OF EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM) in which he assured that the media has a significant role positively or negatively in feeding and supporting the emergence of extremism and terrorism, also have an impact in the education of young people and the delivery of the wrong them ideas effect", calling for, "We have to work for the delivery of media trends and be aware of intellectual treatment."

"In light of modern strategies, we must illuminate the society of the deviant and extremist methods and detect and expose the objectives of the extremists." He concluded.

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