The automation of administrative, technical, financial and security work in Al-Iraqia University has been the university's interest since its establishment, thus a workshop of this regard has been held by Computer and Internet Division in cooperation with State Company for Information Systems.

The workshop aimed to raise awareness for the program and the possibility of converting the paperwork to electronic, in order to facilitate and accelerate the completion of work in all its branches, which would reduce a high degree of proportion mistakes and get away from the routine work and saving time and effort and stay away from cronyism as well.

The workshop has been lecture by consultative in the company Dr. Haitham Faleh Hassan, during which he gave a detailed explanation of the universities management program, noting that "the system consists of a data center servers where all university information data would be saved, while the second includes a network connecting all university facilities with those servers, and be at a high degree of safety."

The workshop has been attended by President of the University, his assistants, and a number of engineers from the Ministry of Industry.

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