College of Media held its second academic conference in cooperation with Iraqi Journalists Syndicate entitled (TOWARDS A PURPOSEFUL AND RESPONSIBLE MEDIA...IRAQI MEDIA, REALITY CHALLENGES AND FUTURE HORIZONS).

The Dean of the college Dr. Sarmad Ahmed al-Salmani delivered a speech of the protocol committee in which he said that " the college's second academic conference set up to spot light on the Iraqi media to diagnose problems and come up with solutions, and what makes me cheer is the magnitude of the participation, as participants from local and Arab universities came".

"The conference seeks to search for purposeful and responsible media which should be from priorities to achieve credibility and transport the shining image of the media message ; a humanitarian message basically". He explained.

The conference was attended by Governor of Baghdad Province Riyadh al-Adhadh, MP Shorouq al-Abayachi, former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ali al-Adeeb and many political and academic personals as well as activists in NGOs. 

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