Curriculum Vitae

Name:Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. Khamis A. Zidan

Date of birth: 24/3/1971

Marital status: married

Number of children: 2

Scientific degree: Professor

Mobil number:00964-7901541161 ;

Scientific Qualifications:

Doctorate/Communications and computers Engineering.

Digital Image processing and its applications.

Master/Communications and Electronics Engineering.

Digital data processing.

Bachelor/Electrical Engineering.

Employment Experiences:

1.Vice Rector of Al-Iraqia University for Scientific Affairs since


2.Cultural attaché in the embassy of republic of Iraq in Romania-

Bucharest 2010-2015.

3.Head of Computer and Software Engineering Department-College of

Engineering -Al-Mustansiriyah University/2007.

4.Director of Computer Center/Al- Mustansiriyah University/2006

5.Director of Engineering consultant Office/Al-Mustansiriyah


6.Deputy Head of Computer and Software Engineering Department/Al-

Mustansiriyah University/1998-2004.

7.Faculty member in Engineering College/Al-Mustansiriyah

University 1994-2010.

8.Lecturer in the field of Communication and computer Engineering,

Information Technology, and Electrical Engineering in many

Engineering colleges in Iraqi University for graduate and


9.Consultative member in Engineering Office for designs,

supervision and Consultations engineering/Al-Mustansiriyah


10.Membership of the technical team for the development project of

Baghdad infrastructure/Baghdad University/2005-2007.

11.Member of editorial board for many scientific and engineering

journals which issue by Iraqi universities.

12.Supervision on many master and PhD students.

13.Participation in many training and developing courses in field

of computers and information technology inside and outside Iraq.

14.Obtaining many appreciation certificates in field of computers

and information technology from UNESCO, universities and

international centers inside and outside Iraq.

15.Participation in many scientific conferences and symposiums

that held inside and outside Iraq.

16.Publication many scientific and reliable research in field of

computers, information technology and communication in

international and Iraqi journals.

17.Participation in many chairmanship and membership of many

promotion, supervision, scientific, checking, examination and

engineering committees, and preparatory committees for the

scientific conferences which held in the Ministry of Higher

Education and Iraqi universities.

18.Participation in the infrastructure development of the higher

education sector and curriculum development, and preparation for

studies which are related to the education in Iraq through keeping

acquainted with the experiences of the other countries.

19.Evaluation of theses and dissertations within the supervision

and scientific Evaluation Office in the Ministry of Higher

Education and Scientific Research.

20.Participation in chairmanship and membership of many discussion

committees for master and PhD students.

21.Participation in the conferences and workshops related to the

progressing of the educational system and caring for the young

student which were organized under the sponsorship of the Unified

European Education.

22.Participation in many committees specialized by testing and

selecting the reliable research for the graduate and undergraduate

engineering students in field of computer and information

technology engineering, and electrical engineering.

23.Member of the Permanent Ministerial Committee for evaluation of

creative people in the Iraqi universities, and chairman of the

following committees in Al-Iraqia University:

-Implementation of awareness and education programs against

extremist ideas committee.

-Scientific reliability checking examination committee.

-Committee about Marshes of Iraq.

-Committee to conduct symposiums about sense of belonging and its

role in enhancing the values of integrity in the framework of

teaching ethics for the academic professor career.

-Committee of providing programs to transform the university into

a productive one and get benefit from the experiences of the

international great universities.

-Electronic Governance committee.

-Committee of studying the strategic university plan and prepare

it in final form.

-Science Day committee.

-Study leave inside Iraq committee.

-Scientific products committee.

-Implementation of the guide and filling the evaluation form of

the website committee.

-The central committee for following up the objection.

-Supervision committee on the computer and English efficiency

examination center.

-Standardization and organization of scientific research methods


-The development of the website for the central library committee.

-The Central committee for the examinations reliability "member

and deputy".

24.Preparing the guide of the Iraqi student for studying in

Romania, in addition to participation in opining fields for

bilateral cooperation and joint work methods in field of higher


25.Obtaining many acknowledgment letters and appreciation

certificates from His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education

and Scientific Research, and the minister deputies, and the Youth

and Sport Minister, and from many universities presidents and

deans of Iraqi and foreign colleges.

26.Obtaining the appreciation certificates from the minister of

higher education and scientific research in the science day during

the work at Al-Mustansiriah University.

27.Obtaining many appreciation certificates and the Trophy of the

Foreign Affairs Iraqi Ministry by the ambassador of the republic

of Iraq in Romania.

28.Receiving many acknowledgment letters and appreciation

certificates, and the certificate of excellence from the ministry

of foreign affairs in Romania during the work as cultural attaché.

29.Working on designing and implementation of the electronic

archiving system to provide the technical support and

consultations in field of informatics and to reduce the effort,

time and spending, and facility of updating.

30.Extensive skills in computer, web designing, electronic

governance and system design.

31.Extensive experience in teaching and administrative work,

projects management, accounting work and designs.

Languages: (Arabic, English, Romanian)


•Member of Iraqi engineering Syndicate.

•Member of Iraqi engineer Association.

•Member of teaches syndicate.

•Member of computer and informatics Association.