Vice president for Administrative/Dr. Hasan Fidhala Musaa Hassen Al Timimy

Personal Status

•Born in Baghdad, Al-Kadhimiya, 1981


•Current address, Baghdad

•Party Affiliations: Independent


1-Assisstant professor.

2-Doctorat in Philosophy of Private Law with (very good grade+)

from Al-Nahrain University/collage of rights in 2010 .

3-Master degree in Law/Rights College/ with (very good grade+)

from Al-Nahrain University in 2006 .

4-Bachelory in Law/College of Rights with (good degree)from Al-

Nahrain University in 2003.


-Private Law is the general specialization.

-Civil Law is the accurate specialization.


1–Dr. Fidhala First job was in June 29, 2006.

2-Served for 10 years

3-4th Grade at job


1-Mr. Hasan worked as a member of staff with General Inspector /

Investigation Department at Ministry of Oil on June 29, 2006.

2-Mr. Hasan moved to another job at Al-Mustansiriya University in

April 5, 2007.

3-The Administration reactor then worked at the Minister’s Council

General Secretariat/ Legal Affairs department on April 2, 2011.

Duties and posts

1-Reactor for Administrative Affairs of Al-Iraqia University.

2-Dean of Law college at Mesan University.

3-Worked in legal consultation at the legal affairs office in the

General Secretariat of the Minister’s Council.

4-Worked in legislative department at the General Secretariat of

the Minister’s Council.

5-Head of Resumption Committee.

6-Headed and being member of different committees in the

Minister’s Secretariat that works with other Ministries and non-

Ministerial departments.

7-Rapporteur of higher studies department.

8-Responsible for facial performance at Al-Iraqia University.


1.Teaching civil contracts and special internal law at the College

of Law in Al-Mustansirya University.

2 teaching Entrance to Law, studying in College of Rights , Al-

Nahrain University.

3.Mr. Hasan was a lecturer at Private Science City college in

(civil law subject) / commitment.

4.Lecturer at Madinat Al-Alem Algameaa College /private.

5.Lecturar at Al Turath Al Gamiat College .

5.Lecturer at Universal Iraq Sadar College / Private.

Other Activities

Mr. Hassan worked on several other activities such as:

1–Discussions of many higher study theses at many governmental


2-Supervising graduate students .

3–Membership of Iraq lawyers and works as a lawyer from 2004 to


4–Effective participation in the activities of civil society

organizations as well as submitting researches and studies for

the development of these organizations.

5–Presentation of many TV and Radio shows that dead with Iraq’s

situation giving legal solutions within the democratic



1-Oil Investments (comparative study).

2–Electronic testimonies.

3–Enforced disappearance crime between approval and rejection.

4–The responsibilities of certified electronic services.

5–The legal power sharing between central government and

non.regional governorates.

6–Legal protection for children at international and national


7–The legal influence of dual nationalities.

8–Aggravating and mitigating sentences.

9–Dismissal of contractors.

10-The Legislation transformation on Iraqi constitution and


11–Legal obstacles of investigations and how to overcome them.

Conferences and Certificates of Appreciations:

1–Winners of Unique Employer in 2013 at the general Directorate of

the Minister’s Council.

2-Getting appreciation Certificate from Popular Mobilization


3-Getting many appreciation certificates from many colleges in

Al-Iraqia University .

4–Getting appreciation Certificate of The law Conference of Law

College in Al-Mustanisirya University between 2009–2010.

5–The college of Law conference in participation in researches in

Karbala University between 2010–2011.

6–Participation in researches at the first law conference which

was held in Samawa in 2012.

7–Participating in IRI American Republic Institute Conference IRI.

8–Representative of General Directorate of the Minister’s Council

at the Conference of ICMP in regard to Enforced Disappearances .

9–Participating in the investment conference held on 2008 at Al-

Rashid Hotel.

10-Participating in the legal awareness conference of the State

Ministry for Parliament Affairs.

11–Participating in many seminars prepared by the college of law

at the University of Misan.

12- Participation And Administration for the International

Committee for The missing persons in the war to protect them from

enforced disappearance.

Letters OF Appreciation

1–Letter of Appreciation from the Prime Minister in 2014

2–Two letters of appreciation from the General Secretary of the

Prime Minister in September 7, 2011 and November 6, 2012

3–Four letter of Appreciations from the Minister of Higher

Education and Scientific Researches on November 6, 2012

4-Four letter of appreciations from the Minister of Higher

Education and Scientific Researches on April 23, 2012 and 2013

5-Four Letters of Appreciation from President of the University of

Mesan for various exceptional duties

6–Letter of Appreciation from the President of Al-Nahrain


7–Two letters of appreciation from the Governor of Al-Muthana

8–Several letters of appreciation from different law colleges

9–Letter from Mustanisirya University in May 14, 2009

10–Letter from Mustanisirya University in January 22, 2009

11–Letter of Appreciation from the Ministry of Justice/Judicial

Institute on April 7, 2008.

12-Letter of Appreciation from Al Iraqia University on 15/3/2017.

13-Letter of Appreciation from Al Iraqia University on 11/5/2017.

14-Letter of Appreciation from Al Iraqia University on 4/7/2017.

15-Letter of Appreciation from Mysan University on 15/3/2017.

16-Letter of Appreciation from Supervisory & evaluation Institute

on 13/7/2017.

17-Letter of Appreciation from College of Law & Political Science

in Al Iraqia University.

18-Letter of Appreciation from Al Iraqia University on 8/8/2017.

Computer Skills and languages:

English: Good

French: little

Computer Skills: Excellent

-Certificate in English Language from the Education Center of the

Ministry of Social and Labor Affairs.

-Certificate of experience in computer and internet from the

Computer Centre of Mustansiriya University.

-Certificate of experience in computer and internet from the

Computer Centre of Presidency of Nahrain University – Department

of Progressive Education.