Media & Public Relations Department

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The department is involved in many tasks like highlighting media actions and activities serves the university ; professors and staff in a way reflects the bright picture of the university and creativity and development movement .


Looking for strength and excellence points and circulate them by exploring media outlets to enhance an academic, research and valuable traditions meet needs and requirements of society and draw a beautiful future.


  • 1.Enhance traditions of creative, developed, independent media work.
  • 2.Develop methods and tools and diversification of resources and means.
  • 3. Stimulate the development of media according to available potencies in order to get along with it in performance and quality.
  • 4.Adopt a news articles and persuasive expressional wording to shed light on creative cases and modelize them.
  • 5.Clarify the university's strategy and goals, define its pioneers to the public.
  • 6.Encourage professors, researchers, students and staff to write and publish in the department's publications.