The Monitoring And Auditing Department


      The monitoring and auditing department aims to insure the implementing of higher administrative policies, investigating divergences and filling gaps that leads to waste the funds of establishment and investigate the information’s accuracy which presents to higher authorities. All of These is achieved by checking up all financial measurements and protecting university accounts origins of spoiling as well as preventing cheating &manipulating by using account and data documents and use them to deliver administrative decisions to insure that incomes and expenses go to the right planned place  .    

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Inspecting, verifying and evaluating all activities in regard to proper handling of documents and other working procedures as well as for other administrative and financial resources

  2. Verifying time of resources and documents delivery and listed them in records  to use them in the relevant aspects

  3. Making sure that different properties and origins has been propertied employees and used according to the subjected plans and qualifications

  4. Inspecting that resources and procedures of work have been carried out and based on the relevant legislations

  5. Inspecting the commitment to plans, set goals and levels of performance

  6. Confirming the verification of all documents, registrations and other financial and administrative files

  7. Authorizing vouchers, monitoring expenses, seizing revenues and verifying its accordance to the systems and legislative and working on utilizing irregularities if found

  • .Regular and sudden inspection on financial boxes, safes, warehouses and financial documents

  • .Confirming user proper use and files and financial documents storing

  • Evaluating the administrative decisions to ensure the compliance with the legislation used

  • Studying, analyzing and testing all financial matters and provides all reports related, based on a request from the head of the council or if work demands this .

  • Preparing periodic and monthly reports of the control and auditing and raise them to the Presidency of the University

  • Reporting any violations immediately if discovered through auditing

  • Evaluating how internal auditing systems are sufficient to decrease the risks faced by the University and provide proper recommendations to identify weaknesses points and file an annual report to the president of the university .

  • Provide the monitoring criteria ,clues, efficient standards and examples needed to facilitate the work of the control and internal audit divisions and assure its commitment.


Goals :

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