Human Resources Department

      The Department of Human Resources Subsumed within other departments of the assistant Rector for Administrative Affairs it deals with several tasks like appointing employees ‘teachers faculties and contracts for operating personnel, technicians and security guards as well as the granting of sick leave and regular  leave .

The section also deals with faculty affairs relating to scientific promotions and their functional movements according to their specialties and college’s needs

The department also send the various statistics of the employee’s actual number the existing and proposed one and the needs of the university grades (administrative – technicians-workers).

The department consists of :-



1-Employees- Division: –

The main duties is granting employees bonuses, promotions and additions of service and determine salaries, updating their files, writing their letters of appreciations bonuses for both faculties and staff.


2- Staff Division:

     Working to edit official orders (transport – Placement – Vacations  , sick and usual leave – long vacations – vacations  of birth and maternity – appointments – sanctions – endorsements – attendance  orders-  permit ions – NOC – address the ministry – addressing universities – addressing colleges and  operational orders .


*Follow-up Unit: – following-up internal mail distribution.

* Statistics UNIT: – working on the preparation of special tables of faculties and staff to prepare their own            

   database and sent it to the ministry.

*The unit of the central investigate committee documents: – investing documentation of bothstaff and faculties and insured their certificate issuance.


3-Outgoing and Incoming Archiving mail Division:



*Its main task is to register out coming mail all over the year and close it finally at the end of year

*Issued official orders and distributes them inside & outside university.

* copying official orders then save them in special files.

* saving orders in computer.


*following up incoming mail coming from outside

*Archives:*Saving and archiving incoming and outgoing documents .


4- Printing division:

*Printing orders and official correspondence, Official orders and all human resources    

    department’s orders .

5- Retirement Affairs Division:                                                                                                      

*referring retirement for both faculty and staff (in case of reaching the legal age orbased on request or death).                                                                                                 

*arranging Service books and sent them to the national pension corporation.


6*PpersonalFiles Division:                                                        

*Open files for permanent and temporary employees and save orders in their

 personal files                                                                                                             

*arranging service summary for each employee and keep it personal files.                            

*Indexing the electronic and manual files.                                                                  

*Follow-up for usual and sick leave(paid and non-paid ones )then saved  them electronically.


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