Department of 

Registration & Students Affairs 


The department works on everything related to student technique  issues was or administrative ones starts from providing  the student for admission to the university until his graduation keeping  follow-up and coordination between colleges in the light of the overall objectives and requirements for  the development of the community and follow up the implementation of the decisions of the higher authorities, organizing and coordinating the admission of students for that it is the  link between the student and the university on one hand and between the colleges and the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research, and other institutes  on other hand. The division responsible for applying  the principles and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, it is also works on  the guiding and supervising  all matters concerns student’s  issues  that accomplished by registering divisions  at colleges.

The division of registration was established with the establishment of the university it was called initial studies it controls all colleges registration departments while the university was consisted of 3 scientific departments represents colleges.

With the expansion of the university and the development of new colleges the university had to expand and develop new division  in the department of Registration and other divisions in  the colleges this lead to a big expansion the  Division of admission and registration and the Division for checking  documents and ratifications in the department and this was in the academic year (2008-2009) also lead to establish a new  department  of registration in the colleges, finally changed the  Studies department name to be (registration  and student affairs department) under the university is official administration letter N. 169 dated 19.08.2009. this label was a centralized and unified name  for all Iraq’s universities according to  the ministerial recommendations .

The division of admission and registration consists of : – three units

1-Registration unit

2-Students’ affairs unit

3-Statics and electronics archiving

4- Two units has activated (a) students’ affairs unit (b) electronic archiving unit while

the registration  unit remain inactivated because it was basically concerned with registration tasks. The  unit  concerns  with  organizing  and coordinating  the admission of students and their transition between universities & college, the unit  has an important and distinct role in following-up the student since their admit ion  until their graduation from the university, as well as supervising  the implementation of the decisions and registration procedures and leaving study etc. of illustrated below procedures:

– Issuing orders to accept university students for both evening and morning studies after checking all the requirements of registration for the students .

– Issuing single university official orders of transporting and hosting students.

-Directing registration staff in the colleges of work priorities related decisions and instructions.

– Studying  the proposals submitted by colleges all matters relating to the students affairs, such as attending classes , teaching materials , wages and other study and then submitted   all of this to higher authorities to decide.

– Checking everything related to the issues of student test scores according to the instructions within colleges minutes, giving opinions to implement or reject .

– completing all official orders issued by the ministry concerned transferring and hosting students and modifying the nominations.

– Following-up and answering all inquiries for unit from the faculties of the university or students.

– checking the students bachelor’s degree of university official orders  .

– Activating  email of the department and start to receive  and send official letters through it to concerned authorities.

– Identifying the top students at the university for both morning and evening studies and organizing  their data according to specific forms and sent them to the ministry and other official authorities in order  to honour them .

– The implementation of all correspondences and every related issues of student with the state institutions.

Audit documents and certificates Division: it comprises two units: –

  1. Unit for auditing documents of admitted students.

  2. Unit of ratification documents and certificates of graduates.

   Audit documents and certificates division is one of the important divisions oblige its staff to work and follow –up  issues accurately . The achievements of this division sometimes seems unbelievable because its concerned all  of the state institutions sometimes               The division programmed scientific and technical of all the achievements that reach more than fifty book daily added that the Division checks the documents of students admitted in coordination with the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, as well as auditing documents graduating granted by the college based record basis (Master Degree) and ratification by manager of the division and director section for the purpose of adoption in transactions for graduating students. Here is the work of the Division in detail.

  • Auditing secondary documents of accepted students in the university colleges.

  • Auditing documents of graduating students in degrees or without in both Arabic and English.

  • Address the official institutes to assure students’ graduating documents inside and outside Iraq.

  • addressing colleges backing to assure issuance of the graduating students documents.

  • Issuing official orders to cancel the university admission of students who fraud official documents.

  • generalizing names of students from outside the university .

  • Addressing the health ministry to assure issuance of written equalities certificates .

  • Addressing the Financial Monitoring institution of statistics of assure issuance students admission on each academic year.

  • Address the Commission of Public Integrity Legal Department of the available data on Cheating students in our university.

  • Answer the ministry of any inquiries regarding the following: –

  1. Cheating students

  2. Assured issuance of admitted students.

  • Address the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department / ratifications department of presence students’ assurances

Preparing of statistics to the following topics: –

A- Monthly- report of accuracy issued documents.

B- Counterfeiters students.

C- Audited graduates’ documents.

  • Answering colleges inquiries and urging them to obey the instructions and rules


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